The garden

Last updated on 03-04-2011

The garden is not our first priority. We first want to have the house fit to live in. Then we will spent time to design our dreamgarden. 

Though we have done some things already. The christmastree on the front side and the large conifer at the corner of the house have already been sawed. We like to have plenty of light in the living room and these two trees did stand in the way a bit. We removed some other small trees as well and immediately had lots of garden litter. We had already bought ourselves a shredder, but unfortunately it doesn't cope these big trees. So we have to hire a professional one some day.
Just before Christmas the weather was fantastic for a few days. Temperatures a few degrees below zero, it's dry with hardly any wind and the trees are full with white frost. We made some beautiful pictures, like the ones below.

Two months later the snow has disappeared for a long time now; it hasn't been a very hard winter. Unfortunately, but for us it was quite convenient as well, for we could do a lot of word in the garden now. The front garden is, except for a few trees, empty now. Here we will have our storing place for some time. And in the big garden we have chopped a lot too.

During all this work our neighbour from the other side of the road kept us some company quite regularly. We call her Mabel. She is a real beauty, and she will have, so we are told bij another neightbour,  a little filly in a few weeks from now.

In the big garden we made a lot of space and light so we can see all kinds of lovely spring flowers showing.
The weather has helped us a bit. Quite a few trees have been blown down in our small forest, so that saves us from cutting them down. The trees are planted in a row, so if one falls, you have a domino effect. So we spent a whole day sawing trees.

   And sweating.....       

                And taking a rest when needed.

The garden at the front is now almost completely empty (i.e. except for the pallets with chalk stones) and in the big garden there are just a few trees left. We're gonna wait until summer to see what trees will give us enough shadow or maybe too much and to get some ideas for a practical plan for the terrace and things like that.
In spite of all our work and the business around the garden a couple of blue tits have chosen one tree to make there nest there. Now there is a continuous coming and going of the parents with food for their offspring. A very nice sight indeed.

Our first winter here is beautiful! With a thick layer of snow on the house and in the garden.
The birds in the garden are well looked after, for we want to assure them that they, and hopefully many more of their mates, are welcome in our garden the whole year through.
                                                          The feeding table

It is now april already. After more than a year watiting the moment finally arrived. Riet could make a start with her hobby, gardening. Until now it was just getting rid of all the old stuf we didn't want. But this weekend the first new plants could be put into the front garden.


The first thing to do on saturday was to remove the hence and equilize the earth with black soil. Next some yellow sand was placed on the spots where the footpath and terrace will be.


And Riet was ever so pleased she could start planting the flowers. On the pictures it still looks a bit empty, but hopefully this will change rapidly.

The end of april and the garden looks like this.

Today, May the 16th, we bought the lavender plants for the new hence and planted them as well. The scent is already great.
We planted a 100 pieces in total.          And after that it was time to rest and enjoy.

   It's july and the garden is getting more colour now.

Just another picture of the garden, this time the back garden. You can hardly call it a garden yet, but we have a few flowers! And that turns out to be enough to invite birds a butterflies to come and visit us.

The spring has started. In the front garden the crocusses have finished blooming, but the daffodils show all their beauty now. 
I think Marcel misses the hard work, for he has found himself another sweaty job. This winter the store of wood has decreased a bit (because of the stove), so here he goes again.

And through the internet we bought a cutting machine that has only be uced once. It works great.

This summer we try another time. Last year half of the lavender plants died. We're not sure wat caused it, the dry weather or the rabbits?
This year the rabbits again are all over the place. We hope we have found a solution for this: an electric wire to keep them at a distance!
In the back yard the white sand for the terrace is there already.


Three days of measuring and huddling and the terrace is finished!


    The celebrating!                     

This is, undoubtedly, a very rare butterfly, spotted in our garden!

       Winter 2010

We asked a professional garden designer to make a design for the backgarden. When the snow has gone we can make a start there. Having the design we have a good picture of what the garden will look like. The kind of flowers we'll have to plant we can decide ourselves.

This time of year the birds are having a hard time finding food. But by feeding them we try to make their lifes a bit easier. The score uptill now is: 11 finches, 3 robins, 5 blackbirds, 1 starling, 3 magpies, 5 great tits en 3 jays!


March gave us very nice weather. That was convenient for us because we had a lot of work to do outside. First thing was felling a birch tree, because it was blocking the build of our new garage. So we ended up with firewood for a few extra winters now.
Also the forest has been chopped down. We removed several bushes and made a "wooden wall" from the branches. So now we have some sort of a fence next to the roadside that has a natural look without costing us anything.

Using the garden plough we prepared the garden for planting. Fortunately the plough still worked (after some grunting).

The birds are busy too. As far as we know now, three houses are occupied and this year for the first time we have a couple of blue tits.