How it all started

Our dream.... a nice little farmhouse somewhere on the countryside with a bit of space to make a garden. We preferred a house that needed to be rebuilt, so that we could make it into our very own house. 

"A dream will stay a dream, if the only thing you do is wait", we said to each other. 
So we had to take some action to make our dream come true and we did. By sending an e-mail to 29 estate agents in and around Venray.

It only took one day before we got a reaction from Patricia van Rijswick. She thought maybe we would like this house on Veerweg 6 Blitterswijck.

On the same day we got this e-mail we went to see the house.

And of course, when we saw this view, we immediately fell in love with it.

On wednesday evening we were able to take a look inside the place. The interior was a little bit outdated, as the brochure had already told us.

Many small rooms, but Marcel had to take just one look to see the posibilities to make this place into our dreamhouse. To get the necessary technical advice we needed the experience of our neighbour, Wim. But unfortunately, he was on a holiday. When he "finally" came back we went for a second visit with him and he thought the house was good enough to rebuild it. And when someone as experienced as he is (40 years) thinks that, who are we to doubt? 
Of course, there was the financial issue to deal with. This was  settled in the beginning of september, so on september 9th we could sign the temporary contract of sale.


Luckily we were able to sell our own appartment in a very short time (about 3 weeks), so that was one thing less to worry about. Friday, november the 30th, was the big day! At first, in the morning we went to the notary to sell the appartment and then, in the early afternoon to the other one to buy our new home. With the key in our pocket we went straight to Blitterswijck to see how the house looked with all the furnishment gone. We took some pictures and put it on camera.

  The first time in the tub


                                     and the first symbolic act


Saturday, december the 1st, the real work started. First we have to demolish big time and then we can start rebuilding the place. What will this house look like in a year time? How in 2 years? And how when it's finally finished???