Week to week

Last updated on 15-10-2011

The roof is fully closed now. So we don't have to worry about leaking anymore.
The electronic door was place too. Marcel went to the former owner to remove the door himself, so now he knew exactly how to place it in our garage. And it opens and closes perfectly by using the remote control.
Against the inner wall we place the isolation panels. Then the stones for the outer wall can be placed, with just a few centimers of air between them.

On this first autumn day Marcel started to get anxious. Fearing the rains and storms that we may be facing soon, he closed half of the roof in just one day. That's only the roof panels of course and not the tiles as well.

Yesterday we raised the flag, because we reached the top of the roof!


Today another big job was completed. The foundation and the floor of the garage is finished now. It costed Marcel again many days of hard labour and sweating. So it's an nice feeling to know this is passed us now and we're starting to build that part that will remain to be seen, because it's above the ground!


It was been such lovely weather these last few weeks, that we didn't feel like typing new things on the site. But today it is raining, so this is a good moment.
The garden looks quite different now. Just see for yourself at "The garden". 

All this time while we were busy we got company of these two. 
The rebuilding is getting along quite good. We've started with the garage now.

The furniture in the bedroom has been repainted and that turned out to be a good idea. The room really looks much better now and it has gotten lighter as well.
The past few weeks the weather was quite nice, so we could do pretty much work in the garden. See "The garden".

Two months later spring has come. All the commotion about the high waterlevel of the river seems long passed. It's getting time now to make a start with the garden at the back of the house. We informed the local gouvernment of our intention to break down the old garage and replace it for a new one made of stone. Nowadays you don't need a permit anymore, so we can get started. We already bought the roof tiles, electric door and the window frames.
In the house, we moved to the spare bedroom for a few weeks, so we could decorate our own bedroom. The furniture did not fit anymore with the new colours so we have to paint them too. Well, it keeps you of the street!

And after a few weeks of snow, which we enjoyed very much, the view is completely different now. The river has risen a few meters and is coming towards the house now. They even placed a temperary dike at the end of our street to make sure the river doesn't come any further. There's no immidiate risk for our house, so we can enjoy the view and make beautiful pictures.
Picture taking from our house.
The temperary dike.

The chairs have arrived now too. The diner table is not the right coulour, so this one will be replaced soon.


And before you know it another month has gone by. In whitch we went away for a long weekend. And the bathroom is getting on very well.  (see The rebuilding)
And we got our new couch.

Just in time, for yesterday we had all our (new) neighbours for tea. We have to waite on the chairs for a few days more. 
Mieke is working hard to make the curtains to the right size on the sewing machine.
Outside we made a start with the back garden. We bought a second hand plough on the internet and a few pieces of land are already cultivated. And the biggest part of the hedge is gone!

We've had a small period of less activity. But of course that doesn't mean we didn't do anything. For example we tested our bath. After two years without a bath we felt it was about time. Naturally we had a shower now and then, but that can't compete with a real bath.

We had a few days off with nice weather. This week it will be less hot, so it looks like we planned this well. Moreover, it was very well deserved, for the floor in the bathroom has costed Marcel many drops of sweat.
Marcel can now start with the tiles. He's looking forward to this.

The tropical temperatures of the last weeks have not forced us to lay down work completely. But because of the drought we gave priority to digging a well so we can water the garden with rainwater. The well lies behind the shed, but knowing clever Marcel, of course he planned this far ahead and so there already was a pipe beneath the house to the front garden. So now watering the plants has become much easier.

The terrace in the back yard is done. And the bathroom is making some progress as well. Just look for more at "the garden" and "the rebuilding".

We've been living downstairs now for about a month but it seems much longer. So it feels good. With all the windows we are very close to nature. And what gives us great joy: this year there is no mais growing between the dike and the river. The farmer has switched to beet that doesn't grow that tall. Now all we are waiting for is someone to mow the grass on the dike.
We already quite a few hours in the "garden", but within a week there will be a beautiful terrace. Marcel will start with it tomorrow.
We have some new friends: two squirrels.

Last friday moving all the furniture went pretty well. So in the evening we were able to work on the computer and watch tele downstairs. The living room is not completely done yet, but compairing with the last 18 months we don't complain!

One month gone by and now we're ready for another historical moment. Tomorrow we'll rent a van to collect our furniture and other things that are still stored. Because yes, we can now move downstairs! The living room is ready for this.
Look at The Rebuilding.

The ceiling is completely sanded now and looks quite even. To be sure that it will not tear apart we put some fibre wall paper on it as well. Riet thought this would be an awful job but it isn't that bad, because the paper is very light, not like normal wall paper at all. Last sunday we put three strips on the ceiling.
Meanwhile Marcel has also made a start with the bathroom. Look at The rebuilding for some pictures.
The last few weeks we have had a regular visitor, or actually: he lives in our forest. Early in the morning he "crows" underneath our bedroom window and throughout the day you can hear or see him all around the house.
Now and then he is accompanied by one or two females.        

With the new paint we finished the toilet and store room. The ceiling of the living room is sanded now for the most part. It turns out to be quite a job.

Eind april komt de parketvloer, dus dan willen we graag de kamer helemaal in de verf hebben.
Ook hebben we al weer flinke lentekriebels gekregen. De "tuin" in dus. Kijk daar voor verdere foto's.

This past week we did all kinds of small jobs, like sanding and painting. They take a lot of time, but still they have to be done some time. And of course we went to the building store again. At last we have the right colour. Read more...

We had a bit of poor luck choosing the colour of paints. The one for the kitchen walls turned out to be far too gray. The kitchen looked quite dull and dark. So we bought some new paint and now fortunately the kitchen looks great and bright.
The colour for the toilet door frame toilet was rather different from what it promised on the label. So we drove to the store again. They greet us like old friends there. Well, if you turn up there once a week for the last two years...........

Today we tried the steam oven, having fish for diner. It was easy to do and it tasted great. Yesterdag we made Mexican food in the Asian cooking pan and that was great too. So I think we well have plenty of fun with our new kitchen.
Meanwhile Marcel put lamps above the kitchen sink and the cupboard wall and we've started painting the kitchen chairs and table. Then, after having painted the walls, the kitchen will be finished.

The kitchen is finished. That is, there all a few ajustments to make, but that's gonna be allright. Brother in law Theo has helped Marcel for three days and so friday night is was done. And so a celebration with Chinese take away was in order. Saturday night we prepared our first diner and it tasted great.

Ineke, Riet's sister, came along friday to    
help ordening the kitchen cupboards.

The last few days we really looked forward to this day. Because today we have started placing the kitchen. We still have two more days work before it will be finished, but already we can say: it looks great! Just see for yourself at "The rebuilding".
Marcel designed and made this little box for the toiletroom.   You see the integrated toilet roll holder? Isn't that original?

It took some time to find out when exactly we ordered our kitchen. It was almost two years ago. And today finally it was delivered. In two lorries, because of the amount of boxes. There's no space left in the living room now.      
     Just getting rid of the packaging will cost us a whole day.

The start of a new year. We think it's quite possible we'll be moving downstairs this year, hopefully by summer time.
The holidays are over. We have worked hard together, but of course we didn't forget the festivities, like Marcels birthday. This year for the first time we could have the party downstairs in the living room!        

The shortest day of the year. And it's winter! So of course there had to be taken some pictures.

     This never gets boring.
But meanwhile there was also work to be done. Our friend Edwin gave Marcel a workshop last saturday how to place a door into the frame. Marcel paid good attention, so the other 8 he can do by himself now. 
Riet is busy to fill the seams in the ceiling, before we can start painting. And this morning, because of the coming holidays, we got ourselves the last things, so we can stay at work these two weeks.
  All the birds in our garden of course are well taken care of.

With the holidays coming Marcel is preparing the ceiling in the living room. The plaster plates are very big, so we'll need all four of our hands to fix them to the ceiling next week. We will also need brush and paint, because the ceiling in the toilet, store room and kitchen can be painted then.
Last friday we demolished the shower upstairs. It has worked for over a year and it was alright. But the shower downstairs is just a bit more spacy and waterproof!
The christmas tree has found its place in the living room.
Meanwhile we can hardly wait for January the 11th. That's when they will deliver the kitchen!

Two weeks later the walls where the radiators come are plastered. And the radiators have been placed and are working! So now we can start to heat the rooms downstairs to dry the plaster work..

The water is connected now as well, so we can use the toilet downstairs.

The tiles all lay on the kitchen floor now. The man from the kitchen factory came by to measure all, so he could order to make the kitchen. It will probably be early januar when the kitchen arrives. 
It's became quite a bit lighter in the living room now, because the glass was put into the garden doors.

The plaster work in the kitchen is done now. Today Marcel started with the floor tiles. He's already half way, so all is going guite well.

It took some time, but by now there's enough news to tell. First of all, as you will well know, autumn has started. That means we already have lots of walnuts lying on the floor in the living room to dry. We are competing with a squirl who gets them first. The chestnuts and acorns lies all over the garden and the goose are back again. But the biggest news is that the corn is gone! So we are two very happy persons.
Last friday the garden doors and front door were places. Unfortunately there was a small accident in te depot: the glas fell apart. So we have to waite just a bit more to get the whole picture, but we can allready see it looks marvelous. Just see for yourself.
Marcel has recovered for like 97,5% now. Not that he hasn't done anything meanwhile. One wall of the kitchen is plastered.

Two weeks later there is not much news to tell. Marcel had a few physical problems and so he wasn't so productive. But the storing room is plasterd and we got the floor tiles a week ago. So hopefully Marcel can place them this week.

And yes, the frames are placed. And it looks very nice.

  Of course, the wood in the front door will be replaced by glass.

Unfortunately we have a bit of a misunderstanding with the frame supplier. So we have to wait till next monday.

The last few days the demolishing went on. For tomorrow they will come tot place the window frames and of course the old ones have to be gone then. Therefore on the first floor shutters are closed (to prevend burglary) and inside the house its very dark now.'. But that won't be for long.

In the outside wall there's a big hole now. That's where the doors to the garden will be. Well, in fact it was a hole, because on the inside we have barricaded it properly, so that we won't have uninvited quests.

The first week of our holidays is finished already. In between the coffee breaks together, like before, we made ourselves useful demolishing things. Though now it was a bit less spectacular. On the ceiling there was a layer of plaster that had to be removed. All in all it took of two days. And like before, we didn't stay clean.

And on we go! Starting with the working closet. Normally, this would not be the first we wanted to see finished, but because we're gone make temporary shower number 2 in it, our schedule is not that strange! 
                                                           Good tools make work easy

        Feeling like a fish in the concrete sea!       

Again a picture of Marcel with concrete! It's starting to get a bit monotonous. That's how he's starting to think about it too, because after another day of working 15 hours he's a bit fedup with it now. Lucky for him this was the last floor for the coming few months.

Instead of the kitchen floor we started with the floor in the hallway.                                                                                   


At the end of this week we finally can break down the scaffold, for the roof at the river side is finally finished. So we're doing great.
It's a pity that you can say the same about the corn. The last few weeks it grew very fast, so now the view of the river is gone. We can still see the boats though. That is, if we can keep our eyes open.......

Last friday we had a bit of a setback: a major cloudburst, lasting for two hours, with lots of rain, hail and a thunderstorm. All around the house there was just water to be seen and regrettably the water flodded into the house. The floor in the kitchen had dried up very nicely, but now it may take a few weeks before we can work with it. So we'll just have to make a small adjustment in our schedule.

Such a lot can change in just one week! First the floor in the living room on saturday and yesterday the outer wall of the store room was finished too! Uncle Harry fixed this within two days. And this is the result.

Yesterday the window frames were messured, so hopefuly before the holidays they can be placed. And today we bought the wooden floor for the living room. Things are going fast now!

This morning it was early on for Marcel, because at 7 o'clock sharp Willy was here. The two of them needed just one day to make the upper floor in the living room.
                  To messure is to know          

                              (Dutch saying)

The second barbecue was not that succesful. Right in the middle of our small party it started to rain, so we moved all the stuff, including the barbecue to the kitchen. Quite cosy!

Gisteren was een zware dag voor Marcel. In 11 uur tijd had hij het beton gestort in de kamer. 
   Dus was het vandaag voor hem een welverdiende rustdag. 

After a few days off we have proceeded quite well. We managed to choose and order the tiles for the kitchen and storeroom. We'll have grey, old looking  tiles in the kitchen. No doubt it will look marvelous. 
The working floor in the kitchen is done. And we enjoyed the sunny weather: in our bare kitchen we already had a barbecue, a romantic evening at the fireplace and sat on the garden bench to read a book.

Marcel has been busy with the storeroom and kitchen these past few weeks. That's getting along quite well. It's about time to go shopping for tiles!
Also the front garden gets prettier and fuller, but the wood at the back has become a bit less full with trees.
Thanks to Gerrit there are now a few less fallen trees in the wood. And as a result of that even more wood for the fire place.

With Riet a few days away Marcel could devote himself completely to the work. With the great result of a selfmade fence, footpath and terrace (see The garden).


This week Marcel has been busy making the grooves for the electricity into the walls of the storeroom. Also the well in the garden (for getting rid of the rain water) is closed now.
But the most striking change is that the hedge in the front garden is gone now. And we started to plant the first flowers. 

Just before the easter weekend we managed to get the roof on the storeroom. We threw some plastic over it, so the roof plates will stay dry. 
We are pleased to have managed to get a real experienced mason (uncle Harry) to build the outer wall and the roofer for the finishing touch of the roof. So Marcel has all the time to do all other sorts of jobs. Like placing the concrete plate on top of the chimney. Again one project finished! 

A week with lovely spring weather, so outside it's great to be busy. At the end of the week most part of the walls for the storeroom will probably be standing.

To host the anniversary guests we had to improvise a little, because of the lack of space upstairs. The bed was taken apart for one day so we could all sit in the bedroom!


The past few days it has been raining quite a lot, so it wasn't really nice weather to work outside. That's why Marcel started early this morning (the first of two promised nice days) on the foundation of the storeroom. The concrete was dumped, so hopefully this wil dry up nicely. 


Fortunately Marcel was smart enough to get out of the ditch in time. 

Today was a productive day. Early this morning al the rubbish in both gardens were taken away with a crane. This turns out to go a lot faster than with your hands.
The next job wat digging out the foundation for the storeroom. This also takes a lot more time working with a shovel. 

For the afternoon we managed to find a few strong guys willing to help. Just look at "The rebuilding" to see what they did.

It may look like not a lot of work was done in these past two weeks, but that's not true. The beams we put under the bathroom floor, just to be sure, are ordered now. Marcel did a lot of thinking (at some point the steam was coming out of his ears!) and a few "small" jobs were finished as well. 

A nice job for a sunday afternoon: making the concrete plate that comes on top of the chimney.

This week we're busy glueing bricks. The 21 pallets that were put in the front garden last year are gone now, so it's time to order new ones. In the mean time some bricks were already delivered and used as well.

And on we go again! The kitchen has our attention now and, when the weather gets better, we'll take the storeroom along with it. That's gonna take us a while!

Finally, finally the telecom company managed to get us on the internet. They don't get an honourable mention here!
What we did enjoy very much was the beautiful weather these last weeks, as the pictures show.

Again two weeks later we have tv, but unfortunately still no internet.  
We are now going to put our energy on the first floor, where there's still sand on the floor. 
We start with the kitchen and (as soon as the temperature goes up again) the storeroom.

Two weeks later. We're still living isolated from the outside world, without tv or internet.
But that's just a luxury problem, for it doesn't weight up to the feeling of living on our own lovely place at last. And we are doing OK. See for yourself at the photo's below.
 The kitchen.....                          bedroom....                                and living room.
The days just before and after mooving were very busy. On Saturday we moved the biggest furnuture with a large removal van.
                                                      Right on time Marcel put the carpet in.
For the rest of December we are taking a bit of a rest to catch our breath again. With the holidays it's quite a good timing for it.

Some people thought we would never make it, but we did! Last sunday night we slept for the first time in our new home. The house is still a big mess, but there's no hurry. 
Unfortunately in the coming weeks we are unable to update the website for we will not have internet for a while.

Yesterday the frames for the windows upstairs were placed. Now that the draft is gone, it is quite a few degrees less cold inside.

Hoorah! Finally the corn is gone.And we have our view on the river back. Nothing against the farmer, but we got very bored of the corn. So we were glad to see the machine at work to harvest the corn.


The last few days the nights had temperatures beneath zero. So the winter is coming. Which means we're working with a thick coat on and with a building lamp to get some warmth.

In a month from now we will move to our new home. The two rooms upstairs, where we shall spend this coming winter, are getting their shapes. The walls and electricity are placed now. 
                                           The major bedroom with the wall closet.
We received the invoice for dumping the rubbish. In total we dumped over 51 tons (!) and there is still more to come. 

Brother in law Theo got himself a few days off from work to help us out. And that really payed off. The stairs are placed now and upstairs we started builing the walls between the two bedrooms and the landing.

Then we had some "bad" weather with lots of rain of quite a bit of wind. Fortunately the tiles didn't fall off. And with a bit of luck the roof will be (more or less) finished tomorrow. 
In the garden it's pretty obvious that autumn has arrived. The place is full with walnuts, our first "harvest"!
And inside it's starting to look more and more like the house it's supposed to become, that is to say, the rooms are.

This weekend the weather was beautiful. Quiet and sunny autumn weather. We made good use of it, for in two days time all the tiles were back on the roof again. With the help of a lift and two of our friend now they lay neatly in piles on the roof. Now we leave it up to the expert to  put them at their right place.

Inside the last wall of the living room is gone now too (look at The rebuilding).

This weekend we got ourselves some rest again, because we're right on schedule. The dormers are placed now, accept for the frames. And with the chimney high up again it was time to raise the flag! And coming week we hope to put the tiles up on the roof again.

And this is the picture a few days later. Now all we have to do is "just" fix the (emergency) connection for the bathroom, stove and heating system and then our little home is ready to survive this first winter.

This is how the house looks like today, but hopefully tomorrow it will be quite different. That's when we can place the first roof covers. And then our "open house" no longer exists. 


Today we made a start with the roof. Early in the morning at 8 o'clock it was already very busy at Veerweg 6. The steel beam lies steady on the walls now, so at last we can begin building the roof!

We've already had one day of rain, but fortunately we
covered all that has to be kept dry in plastic.

Friday and saturday were very busy days, because that's when we removed the roofing tiles with the help of some friends. The weather gods were good to us, 'cause it kept dry and the sun was shining. Friday we already got a lot of work done, more than we had expected. 70 percent of the tiles lay in the garden at the end of the day. 
      The result after one day's work.

On saturday we removed the rest of the tiles and even the wooden roof.


Four of the hard workers at the beginning of a new day, drinking coffee to face the work ahead.

What a weather for your holidays! Maybe we are the ones least to feel sorry about, because our holidays are completely filled with the rebuilding. And inside the house there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. It would be very nice though if the rain stops when we start  removing the roof. 
We're almost ready for that now. To say it simple, there's just one more wall to finish.

The beams all are impregnated now to protect them against wood beetles.

Hoorah! The national water department was so nice to agree with the plans we have for our storeroom, new garage and garden. Today we found their licence in the mailbox.

We now also placed the order for the steal beam and pillar. And tomorrow the wood for the roof will be brougt to Veerweg 6. Then finally Riet can make herself useful again by waving around with a paintbrush to impragnate the wood.
At the upper side of the road the corn hasn't grown that much already to take away our view to the river Maas. However, the grass on the dyke is pretty high, but the "water government" has found the answer to that problem.


A large group of sheep (at this point still hardly visable) enjoys all the great stuff.


And a few days later this is the result.

Oops! Almost a month gone by without any writing. You would think we have given up on our project. But nothing could be further from the truth. For we have achieved quite a lot. It's just that the last month was a busy one with lots of birthday party's and things like that. And of course, yours truly had to watch the European Football tournement on the tele at night. 
With a little bit of luck we can start building the new roof just after the building holidays. We really look formard to this, because then we can have a good idea the space we'll have upstairs. 

        Riet discusses her plans with the front garden with Marian.

After lots of phone calls and receiving offers we finally found ourselves some people who will help us building the roof. Well, actually, they will build it and Marcel will help as much as he can to try to keep the price within our budget. When this will take place depends on how soon we will have finished the inner walls where the roof will have to rest upon.

We had a week in which first Riet got the flu and had to stay in bed and then later Marcel. In spite or thanks to the beautiful weather.
But with the great Whitsun weekend just in between them we still managed to get al lot of work done. You could have a day's work counting the amount of cyclists that pass our house on such a lovely day!
Because of the holiday weekend we had a lot of family and friends visiting us to see what we were up to and checking if we were working hard enough.

By now we really started building. The first inner wall has been completed now.
 Willy, a real building expert, came to help us make a start.

Our place for food and drinks has been removed again. It is now in the new hall, because the storeroom is now first in line to be handled. 
There is still some demolishing to do. The container is back again and already half full.

And two weeks later we have some more good news.Today the permit from the local government was in our mailbox. Now there will be a period of six weeks in which people can object to this permit. So with a little luck we can start with the outside of the house around the end of May, beginning of June. 
Inside, this week the last foundation will be made and then Marcel can start to lay bricks for the inner walls and  place the isolation. So far, so good!

This week's biggest news is that we have finally found our new kitchen! Yesterday we signed the contract and we're both very happy with it. It's a light blue, landstyle kitchen. Trying to find this kitchen has costed us over half a year, so this took lots of "free hours". But now we can delete another project from the list. And go on making concrete.


The last few weeks the weather hasn't been so great, so Marcel was forced to enjoy himself inside the house. In which he succeeded very well! The cellar, for example, is filled with sand for the most part of it now. 

Yesterday the weather was really great, so we were outside all day. Because of the storms in the last few weeks a lot of trees were blown down. We cut down about seven trees and so our wood suppley keeps growing. 


In the last two weeks we managed to give ourselves one less thing thing to worry about. We found and ordered our window frames. They're made of synthetic material, but on the outside with a wooden nerve, so it still will look very nice. And they will save us lots of work in the years to come!
Our dream kitchen is a bit harder to find, but we're very busy with that. 

The drawings are ready and also the constructor and consultancy have made their calculations. All the other papers are filled in so all the paperwork is ready. On Wednesday the 13th we went to the city hall to hand over all the paperwork. The letter of confirmation has arrived by post the next day. And now we wait...
In the mean time we've been busy asking some companies to calculate what the new roof and the new windows are going to cost us. But also for the new electricity and heating we want to know what it will cost us. Basically lots of companies are busy working for us making calculations. And what are we doing ???
We are taking the house further apart so that we can start with the rebuilding as soon as the permit arrives. But that's going to take some time...

This weekend the whole south of Holland is enjoying the carnaval holidays. We, on the other hand, have been very busy again. Friday we went to a store to see some tiles to choose for the bathroom. And saturday we treated ourselves to another round of kitchen showrooms. Sunday we cleaned the last part of the garden on the north side. During this we had a visitor, a robin, that was watching all our moves very curiously. It probably thought there would be many worms to eat if it waited long enough.
And today there was an ermine in the garden! With his white winterfur he was very easy to spot. He was walking along the kitchen window with a mouse in its mouth. A beautiful sight! 
Then we have some pheasants which are regular visitors. And of course the hundreds of goose that suddenly ascend from the land or the river and fly right above you, making lots of noise. Now we know for sure this place is our ideal spot to have our home.

After two months of demolishing the inside of the house is almost empty and a full container has been taken away. We now have to waite for the offers of some roof constructors. So we don't know yet when the roof can be taken off. What we do know now is that we can do a lot of work ourselves! 
Meanwhile we don't have to get lazy, because around the house there's a lot to do as well. The small garden at the north side is already quite empty. This way we created some space for all the building material. The beech tree and the hazel will stay, but for the rest of the garden we don't know accently what to plant here yet. So much garden and so many oppertunities!

Wednesday January 9th we went to the national water management institute. Roughly we already knew what was possible, but for the details and to talk through the rebuilding permit we had to make an appointment. The institute didn't make it hard for us: the extention of the storeroom has been accepted, the garage can be rebuild at another place and the changing plans for the garden should not be a problem as well. So that's nice to hear!

The 29th we celebrated Marcel's anniversary, for these things have to go on as well. Four of our friends surprised us with all kinds of "practical" gifts that might come in handy with te rebuilding. For example cleaning cloths, beer mats and screws. They gave Riet a book and a jigsaw puzzle, in case it all would became to much for her. Appearantly they have more faith in Marcel! We got an old farming tool as well that we will give a new place somewhere for sure.

Christmas '07
We got a lot of Christmas cards with all the best wishes and succes with the rebuilding. So this has to work out fine. We got a tough rebuilding year ahead of us.


December '07
It's nearly four weeks now since we started work. It is great to be able to finally start after such a long time.

The fact that we are going to live here, has not stayed unnoticed! Beginning of december somebody rang at the frontdoor (at first with no luck because this door can't be opened). The chairman of the village counsel came round to ask us if we would be so kind to be officially pronounced the latest new villagers and have our names in the paper. Of course this is a great honour we could not refuse.
The regional newspaper had a small article about the new village guide of Blitterswijck. This guide was to be presented to us.

The local paper made a bigger story about it. On a friday afternoon a delegation wth photographer came to Veerweg 6. Marcel was handed over a bunch of flowers and the new guide, and was prepared to give a big smile for the photo.