The plans

Making plans started already on day 1, the day when we saw the house for the first time. Many busy days and nights thinking about what would look nice and what is possible looking at the space we have. To make life a little easier we made a scale model of our house. 

We have changed our plans already a couple of times and we're not sure if the plans we have now will be the final ones.
In the mean time we've been to the city hall a few times to discuss our plans. We also hired an architect to help us out making drawings and to help us getting the final permit to start our major rebuilding. And now, the beginning of december, the drawing of the outside of the house has been approved. So far, so good.
Since the 24th of october we are living in the house of Marcel's mother where we also managed to store lots of our things.  We can live here until our new house has a new roof and has the second floor rebuilt so we can live there. That won't be within a couple of months we're afraid. When we finally move to our new house we can live upstairs and rebuilding the groundfloor.

Click here to see the drawings.